Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seeing the light

What an interesting week.

The Swine Flu broke out, making the Republicans look just a little foolish for poo-poo-ing the idea of funding pandemic flu prevention through the stimulus bill even though, as Michael Steele pointed out, pandemics do tend to arrive without prior notice. (Hence the need for prevention. duh.)

Arlen Specter became a Democrat
, explaining that the Republican voting base is shifting so far to the right, it is in danger of falling over which may not be altogether a bad thing.

And scientists cloned four puppies that glow in the dark.

Gosh, where to begin? In my admittedly biased viewpoint, the Republicans are looking more and more like they are in the dark. So maybe scientists need to work on cloning common sense, cooperation, and working for the best interest of one's constituents.

Or maybe they could come up with brain cells that glow in the dark, so we can see who is thinking and who is just following along.

Or at the very least, they could make bugs that glow in the dark, so those of us in Texas could put our slippers on at night without turning them upside-down and shaking them. Prevention is a good thing.



  1. I like the glowing brain cells idea. That could really come in handy.

  2. Oh, lordy say it isn't so! Glow in the dark puppies?!?? What on earth put that thought into a scientist's head? Hmmm...puppies are cute, yes, but how can we make them alarming and strange?

    Glow in the dark brain cells would give a nice, literal meaning to the term "dim wit", no? :)

    Thanks for your blog. I am Canadian, but I have a similar view of U.S. politics. I look forward to catching up on older posts and seeing new ones!