Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(i'm leavin' on a jet plane. me and my psychedelic suitcase.)

Get out some kleenex. Take a seat. I have bad news - I'm leaving tomorrow for a week's vacation. Stop sobbing. It will be fine. Life will carry on without me.

Max Baucus will continue to work on behalf of the big insurance companies. Maybe he will add a provision to his UnitedHealth Prosperity Bill that will add a new surtax for liberal bloggers. Or maybe he will admit that, haha! it was all a big joke, and introduce the REAL bill.

Sarah Palin will work with her editor to finish her book. It's 400 pages long right now, but after they take out any sentences that don't make sense, plus the words "rogue" and "mavericky" it will end up just a tad longer than Curious George And The Puppies, which is much more reasonable for her particular audience.

My supporters will finalize the design for my Lesleymo For Governor campaign buttons and t-shirts. (Official slogan: What The Hell It Can't Get Any Worse) If you haven't sent your check for $12.6 million, why not do it this week? That would make a lovely surprise when I get back home.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Senator Baucus

(we're in the money, tra la la)

Dear Senator Baucus,

Thank you for protecting our best interests. It is wonderful to see our politicians truly listening to their supporters. Wink, wink.

First, we are delighted to see that your health reform plan includes an individual mandate. After all, there are millions of Americans who are uninsured right now. Let's force them all to buy insurance! Problem solved.

We are excited about welcoming new customers, even though some of them will have health problems which we will need to find creative ways not to pay for. Don't worry, we are up to the task. Your provision allowing us to charge older people up to 4X the normal rates will be a big help. Thanks, buddy.

We are aware that your committee will be "debating" the public option amendments tomorrow. Naturally, by "debating" we mean "talking in circles." Who needs to debate this crazy idea?? Olympia Snowe says it's a bad idea. That should convince all of the other Democrats to vote against it, in spite of the fact that she is a Republican with no particular credentials from one of the smallest states in the country.

In short, we have spent bazillions of dollars fighting real health care reform. Let's get the Baucus bill passed so we can go back to spending that money on more worthwhile purposes - like a new gold-plated vault to keep our ever-growing piles of money safe and sound.

America's Health Insurance Companies


Friday, September 25, 2009

Michael Moore interview

Love him or hate him, ya gotta admit he makes some good points:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thinking like a Republican

(look at that. her brain is shrinking before our very eyes.)

Oh no! Something is happening to my brain! I am actually agreeing with Republicans. This is not good.

~ The Republicans hate the Baucus bill.

I agree.

~ The Republicans think that the bill will "tax" middle income people.

I agree. Whether you call it a tax, a fee, or a little-extra-something-that-will-reduce-your-net-worth, I can foresee the bill costing me a bundle. I make too much money to qualify for subsidies, I am self-employed so I have no purchasing power whatsoever, and I am old so the insurance companies can charge me up to 4x the base rate (formerly 5x - thanks a bunch for that generous reduction, Max).

~ The Republicans think the whole process should start over.

I agree. Let's put single payer back on the table and start from scratch.

I even agreed with Glenn Beck today. Good lord. In an interview with Katie Couric, who seems to have a knack for tripping up Republicans, he said he thought the country would be even worse off if John McCain was President.

I agree.

Of course, conservatives including a certain rabid radio host named Mark Levin immediately blasted Glenn Beck, calling him "mindless" "incoherent" and "pathetic."

Once again, I agree.

Maybe there's hope for my brain after all.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Why do I bother?

(dear senator cornyn: watch your step
or i might decide to run for senator instead of governor.
which position pays more, by the way?
just wondering.)

In the past, I haven't been all that politically active. I probably shouldn't admit that, since I am trying to become the next Governor of Texas, but it's true.

I'm paying closer attention these days. After all, I realized that my instincts were correct on the Iraq war (a colossal waste of time, money, and lives). I realized that my suggestions for the Democrats were right on target even though they still haven't taken my advice (stop beating around the bush and start talking in bumper stickers, like your opponents). And I realized that when it comes to health care reform, I should try to make my voice heard.

So I started writing to my Representatives, like a good little citizen.

What a colossal waste of time.

My Representatives are die-hard Republicans who send me long, wordy responses that talk about government take-overs and rationing of care.

One of my Representatives, John Cornyn, recently mailed out a survey asking questions like this:

Are you concerned that health care rationing could lead to:

~ Denial of treatment in cases where the patient's prospects are deemed not good?
~ A "lottery" system of determining who will get priority treatment?
~ A "quota" system which would determine who would determine who would get treatment on the basis of race or age?


... which is kind of like asking:

"Who do you think Obama's government-controlled health care will kill first - Sarah Palin's baby, or Sarah Palin's grandmother? Not that they want to kill people, but just as a hypothetical question - ?"

So that's it. I'm finished writing my Representatives. If they want to know what I think, they can read my blog. And if they don't care what I think, they can wait until the next election. I will be happy to tell them in person.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Help Wanted

Help Wanted: Outspoken Spokesperson

Major political party seeking loud, attention-grabbing assistant spokesperson.

Job requirements:
~ Big mouth
~ Good hair
~ Ability to get on cable news on a nightly, if not hourly, basis

Our political party currently has only one spokesperson. He is getting very tired. In fact, he plans to be on five talk shows tomorrow morning, plus the Letterman show on Monday, The Edge of Night on Tuesday and The Price is Right on Wednesday. We hope to hire an assistant spokesperson before he ends up on The Biggest Loser.

Please do NOT apply if you have ever:
~ Cheated on your taxes
~ Cheated on your spouse
~ Signed any type of petition (yes, that includes the "Teachers Suck" petition you signed in 5th grade)
~ Given a sermon
~ Had tea with a domestic terrorist
~ Worked for Goldman Sachs

Southern accent considered a definite minus.

Excellent salary. Save it up. Not to be a Negative Nelly, but at this point it looks like the job may only last until 2012.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Odd News

(max baucus, a very funny man.
you ARE kidding about this health care proposal, aren't you max?)

I have two Odd News stories to report today.

First, from CNN, a headline about the Baucus Health Care Proposal, which will either make you laugh or scream. Your choice.


Health Care Proposal Mandates Coverage, Drops Public Option


After months of negotiating with Republicans, caving in to their desires, and asking them to pretty-please support reform efforts, Max Baucus finally released his "Gang of Six" senate health care proposal today. It is truly odd. To put it mildly.

The proposal mandates that everyone must buy coverage, but provides no way of keeping that coverage affordable.

In fact, it gives the insurance companies ample excuses for raising rates.

Plus, it has NO REPUBLICAN SUPPORT. So, what the heck? Why make concessions, Max, if they won't get you any votes? Perhaps you are getting $$$omething el$$$e from your friend$$$ in the indu$$$try?

I can't think about this for too long. It makes my blood pressure go up, which I definitely will not be able to afford if this is the "blueprint for reform."

So here is my Odd News story #2, from


Kansas couple's trash bin tryst takes wrong turn

WICHITA, Kan. – A tender moment in a trash bin went all wrong for a couple who found themselves being held up at pocket knifepoint. Police said two 44-year-olds had climbed into a dumpster to be alone just after 6 p.m. Saturday when two men interrupted them and demanded their belongings. Officers said the man and woman were engaged in "an intimate moment" when they were robbed of their shoes, jewelry and the man's wallet.


And you thought YOUR husband was un-romantic. Can't you just picture it?

"Hey hun, let's go to our favorite restaurant tonight. You know, the one with that quiet, secluded dumpster out back" - wink, wink

Or maybe it was a blind date from hell that involved way too much wine.

"Let's go to my place - hic - it's just around the corner."

Or - who knows? - maybe the 44-year-old couple had teenagers at home, and they just couldn't take it any more.

"Let's get out of here. The kids will be fine playing their video games. They won't even miss us. There's got to be SOME place in town where we can get a little peace and quiet!"

The moral of the story?
Everyday Americans are trying to live their lives, hoping to maybe even have a little fun from time to time - and every time we turn around, we're getting robbed.

Laugh or scream.

Your choice.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snowe Job

(olympia snowe, r-maine ...
did i vote for her? funny, i thought i was voting for a black guy from hawaii)

I have been invited to another top secret meeting. shh ...

The meeting is being held by Dumb and Dumber, two fictional but extremely realistic Senators who are trying hard to come up with a bipartisan agreement on health care reform because for some reason it's not enough to win a decisive victory and hold a majority in Congress, you also need to get the approval of the OtherSideWhoLOST before you can make any type of changes.

Let's listen in ...


Dumb: We really need everyone to have a stake in this. A mandate is essential.

Dumber: Yes. Let's require everybody to buy insurance. No pre-existing conditions. No turning people away. Everybody gets insurance! Yay! Everybody wins!!

Dumb: What if people can't afford it?

Dumber: Then the taxpayers can chip in! No problem.

Dumb: How are we gonna pay for this?

Dumber: We'll impose some new fees on the insurance companies.

Dumb: Won't the insurance executives get mad?

Dumber: Nah. They'll just pass the cost on to their customers.

Dumb: What about the public option?

Dumber: Are you dumb? The public option is dead. The insurance companies don't want it.

Dumb: Employer mandates?

Dumber: Nope. Only for large companies.

Dumb: So people will have to buy their own insurance ... the insurance companies will raise their rates sky-high to cover all these new expenses ... and taxpayers will also have to pay more to cover low-income people?

Dumber: You got it!

Dumb: That's not fair.

Dumber: Who cares? I've got health care for life. How about you?


Just in case you think this is a figment of my over-active imagination, click here to check out the "reform" plan that the Gang of Six has come up with. As you probably know, the Gang of Six consists of six senators who are almost finished drafting their version of health care reform.

Who are these Gang members, anyway?

Let's see ...

The three Dems on the Gang are from Montana, New Mexico, and North Dakota -- states that together account for just over 1 percent of Americans. The three Republicans are from Maine, Wyoming, and Iowa, which together account for 1.6 percent of the American population.

All 6 have been recipients of huge sums of money from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, most notably Sen. Baucus, the head of the committee, who has received $25 million in contributions from health industry Political Action Committees since 1989.

In spite of the fact that a majority of Americans and a strong majority of doctors back the idea of a public option, that concept is now completely off the table for our Gang. The public option has been loudly criticized by Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) whose opinion seems to be the only one that counts for some reason.

I don't get it.

I did not vote for Obama in the hopes that we could get health care "reform" designed by the Republican Senator from Maine.

Somebody please explain this to me.


Monday, September 14, 2009

My campaign platform

(canada, here we come!)

I'm sure you all remember my previous announcement about running for Governor of Texas. In fact, you're probably wondering where the t-shirts and campaign buttons are.

First things first. As soon as somebody sends me $12.6 million I will kick my campaign into high gear. In the meantime, I do have a great idea for a campaign platform.

Let's trade places with Canada!

That's right. All the Texans who are up in arms about ObamaCare and WhoKnowsWhatElse should pack their bags and head north. And you Canadians are more than welcome to come on down! Let's trade countries.

Yesterday's post explained the clear advantages of the Canadian health care system. This was reinforced by a nice comment from TC (thanks TC!) who lives in Canada and pays less for supplemental health coverage than I spend on Oak Leaf Merlot, which I buy on a regular basis because I've heard red wine is good for my heart and of course it has the added benefit of helping me forget that I could go broke at any moment if I have a heart attack because the Merlot doesn't do the trick.


My campaign platform is brilliant! Here's why:

1. There are some Texans who want to secede from the United States. Here's your chance!

2. Texans are always complaining about the heat. Problem solved.

3. Canada has about 9 million more people than Texas, but believe me there's plenty of room! In fact, it might spur a nice little housing boom. (Y'all like cows, right? They're a lot like moose, only more edible.)

And 4. I can finally get health care. But I'll probably stick with the Merlot. Just in case.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canadian health care

(what's the prescription for health care reform?
ask a canadian.)

We've all heard lots of scary stories about long waits and inadequate care in Canada, England and other countries with universal (socialist/fascist/government-run/boogeyman) health care. But are they true?

Here is a post, word for word, from the Health Care for America Now blog. Read it. See what a Canadian thinks about the whole issue. If you have doubts, give him a call!


I can NOT believe the ad running on american TV from the canadian lady who states she would have died if she were to depend on our health care program. The whole ad was nothing short of treasonous not to mention a complete lie.

I am going to tell you about our health care, good and bad.

My wife found a lump in her breast and within 3 weeks had 2 ulrasounds a visit with a specialist and a follow up visit to lay out a plan of action. Her good friend was diagnosed in november with breast cancer and had her tests, specialist visits, and surgery within 3 1/2 weeks. I was admitted to the hospital the same day I saw my doctor with atrial fib and saw a specialist 3 days later, had a stress test 11 days later, and a follow up with the specialist 9 days later.

MYTH, our health care is free. It is NOT free. It is paid for through our taxes, a tax I pay knowing I will not lose my home if me or my family gets sick.

MYTH, the goverment decides what medical care you recieve. NO. The doctor decides what tests, diagnostics and treatments you recieve.

Every canadian is gauranteed health care coverage in Canada. Plain and simple, no exceptions. Each province administers the health care in Canada. This means some provinces have a monthly health care rate, minimal to say the least, some provinces have the employer pay a small family rate for employees, and some provinces have no health care rate. Now here is where I think your lobbyists are trying to confuse you. Each province has a drug, optical, and dental plan for low income earners. In this area the provincial governments do have the option of using generic drugs over brand names. And you wont be getting designer frames for your glasses or cosmetic dentistry. But we do have blue cross plans if you feel you need more drug, optical, and dental coverage. These provincial drug, optical, and dental plans have nothing to do with our health care.

We do not nor does our government put seniors on ice floes. Our doctors dictate all care needed for a patient in our federal health care program. We do not have a federal government agency that dictates what doctor and hospital care is covered or not covered. It is ALL covered. Period. No exceptions.

We do not pay half our pay to taxes to cover this. I have estimated over the years I pay about 19% income tax. I will never lose my home or end up living in an alley because one of my family members get sick.

I will never have to compete with a higher wage earner for hospital space as there is no profit for the hospital to realize if they take him over me. On a waiting list we are a number, not a social standing.

It is not a perfect system but I dare say a whole heck of a lot better than the mess you have going on. Big drug business, lobbyists, private hospitals in it for profit not treatment. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you people get any care at all.

Please be smart about this very important issue. Call any canadian you pick out of a phone book and ask them if they would give up our health care for what you have. Heck, call me or my wife. I have no qualms about giving out my phone number. 403-223-8703.

Please publish this email and phone number where ever you like. I wish all americans the best in solving your health care issues. But do it informed. Not scared. It works here in Canada as it does in the UK, Australia. and a number of european countries.

Your friend in Canada Steve Todd.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12th

(freedom works: regular grassroots folks with angry red faces, hitler signs, baseball caps,
and intimate ties with pharmaceutical companies)

I watched a replay of the 9/11 broadcast yesterday on MSNBC. It was chilling. I knew every step that would come next. And I remembered exactly how I felt eight years ago. I'm sure you remember, too.

So here we are, on 9/12. I remember how I felt on this day eight years ago, as well.

~ I was scared. Would there be another attack?

~ I was angry. Who on earth would think they have the right to kill so many innocent Americans?

~ I was bewildered. Why would people hate us so much?

I was looking for answers. I was looking for leadership. I was looking, quite frankly, for someone to tell me how to react. How to feel. What to believe.

Enter President Bush. Firm. Resolute. The Decider. He told us all who to fear, who to hate, and what to do. Bomb the crap out of Iraq. That'll do it.

We all know how that turned out.

Ironically, after spending billions of dollars and sacrificing thousands of young soldiers, after lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction, after ignoring the health care crisis here at home and bringing the world to the brink of total financial collapse - the Republicans now have all the answers.

Thousands of people will be marching on Washington today, at the urging of Glenn Beck. They are part of the 9-12 project, proudly sponsored by FreedomWorks, founded by Dick Armey, a corporate lobbyist.

Great. Let's instill so much fear in ourselves that we can't think straight. Then let's have the corporate lobbyists tell us what to do.

If this is the 2009 version of "9-12" please tell me - what was this year's version of 9-11? A black man getting elected to the White House? That same black man having the audacity to lecture white folks, using fancy schmancy words? Trillions of dollars in debt that can be directly traced to the failed policies of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION?

Please. One of the strongest lessons of 2001 was - be careful who you believe. The loudest voices are not necessarily speaking the truth. Even if they're yelling "you lie."

Be careful, America. We've been here before.

Be careful.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The speech heard round half of the world

(rep. joe wilson from south carolina, proving that southern manners are highly over-rated.
i'm sure his mother was appalled.)

I loved President Obama's speech.

He clearly explained his priorities. He addressed the issue of how to pay for reform. He called out the Republicans for their lies.

Here is one of my favorite parts, which expresses my feelings about the Republican claim that we need to trust the "free market" to control health care (not to mention Wall Street):
"The danger of too much government is matched by the perils of too little."

Well said.

The question is, was anybody listening? The Republicans were downright rude, waving papers in the air (their health care plan? receipts from the insurance lobbyists? love letters from Argentina?) and even heckling the President, which earned Joe Wilson a look known as the "Icy-Death-Ray-Through-Your-Brain" from Nancy Pelosi.

The Democrats were enthusiastic, and Obama is generally getting good reviews today.

I hate to be the voice of pessimism, but I am disappointed that the public option is becoming more and more marginalized. It looks like we'll all end up being forced to buy insurance, with no real controls on insurance company profits or premium levels.

My suspicions were confirmed by a headline this morning on ...

HMO Shares Rise After Obama Health Reform Speech

Congratulations, UnitedHealth, Blue Cross and Aetna. You're about to get millions of new customers. They will visit a "health insurance exchange" and choose from rate plans that look like this:

~ Basic Plan: Arm and a leg
~ Premium Plan: Your first-born child
~ Platinum Plan: Don't even ask

I guess my husband and I will stick with our current plan. We call it Pull-The-Plug-When-We-Run-Out-Of-Money. It's the only one we'll be able to afford.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Strategy Session

(the oval office, just before i got there)

I am so excited! President Obama finally decided to take me up on my offer to join his speechwriting team! In fact, we are in the middle of a strategy session right now. We're taking a break because First Puppy Bo just peed on the carpet in the Oval Office. But as soon as the President finishes blotting it with paper towels, we'll get back to work on his health care speech.

Ok! Carpet is clean! Just so you can follow along, I'll call the other speech writer "SW" since I don't know his real name. I will be called "ME" and I'll call the President "PREZ."

PREZ: Look. Here's how I think we should start: "We have had a vigorous debate on this important issue. The time for action is now." What do you think? That should do it, right?

SW: Well, that's not bad. But the pundits are all saying that you need to get tough. Let's add some exclamation points. "The time for action is NOW!"

ME: Oh good lord. That's what you call getting tough?? Come on guys! People are angry! You've lost control! Nut jobs have been ranting and raving about death squads and Nazis and Socialism. Ya gotta hit back!

PREZ: Well look. We have to try to build a consensus here -

ME: Consensus??! What the heck for? The Republicans have already SAID they won't vote for anything, regardless of what's in or out. Listen. If I finally get to see a doctor and have insurance that actually pays for it, I won't care if it's bipartisan insurance or democratic insurance or even socialist insurance.

SW: How about this: "I am FIRMLY in favor of a STRONG public option unless there are people out there who are opposed to it."

ME: ... sigh ...

SW: And we'll end with this: "Let's all stand now, and hold hands, and join together in a chorus of Kum-Ba-Ya."

ME: Crap.

PREZ: What?

ME: Crap. On the carpet. You guys better clean that up. I'll finish the speech while you're at it. Don't worry. I've got it under control.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Dear Children

(any questions? raise your hands)

Good morning boys and girls. I'm sure you are all excited to be back in school. I know I'm excited to have a chance to talk with you.

Since this is a speech that I wrote just for you, I need you to do something. Shh ... come a little closer. I need you to tie up your teacher and put her in the closet. That's right. Use the duct tape I secretly mailed to you last week. I'll wait.

Done? Good job.

Now, see that flashing blue light in the corner of your screen? Don't look at it. Do NOT under any circumstances stare at it to see if it will turn yellow. No staring. Don't even try it.

Ok. Now that you are all undoubtedly staring at the blue light, you are under my control. You will believe everything I say.

Listen closely.

You all love your country. Your parents and teachers have taught you well. You are proud to be an American. From here on you will work hard to succeed in school and help keep our country a great place to live.

Some of you are afraid and suspicious of me. Your parents and teachers have taught you well. You can see that I look different from you, so it's natural for you to assume that the color of my skin is the reason behind that fear. But from here on you will trust people, even if they look different, until they give you a reason not to.

You will listen carefully to both sides of every story, and judge for yourselves who is really telling the truth.

You will remember the history lessons you are learning in school, and do everything in your power to learn from the mistakes of the past, rather than hurling them as insults at anyone who disagrees with you.

You will work hard to succeed at school, and help keep our country a great place to live.

Thanks for listening, kids. Sorry about the flashing light. I just wanted to make sure my message got through.

You can let your teacher out now.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Odd News Headlines

(let's take a vote. which is odder?)

Sometimes the headline tells the story. Here are a few examples from this week's news, in no particular order of oddness ...

Pa. Man Fires Cannon, Hits Neighbor's House

U.S. Bank Seeks Thumbprint of Armless Man

Jackson Tomb Remains A Mystery

Michelle Bachman: Dems Want To Sabotage Me Because I Might Become President

Obama Blasted For Planning Speech To School Children

Blogger From Frisco Texas Becomes Highest Paid Presidential Staff Writer In History, Vows To Eliminate Speeches For Obama Altogether And Replace Them With Bumper Stickers And Protest Signs Because Let's Face It Nobody Is Paying Attention To The Speeches Anyway


Thursday, September 3, 2009

President Obama to address Congress on health care

(feel free to use my words, Mr. President.
just add me to your speechwriting staff and i'll be a happy camper.)

President Obama plans to address Congress on health care next Wednesday.

It's about time.

I hate to say it, but he should have done this before the August recess. After all, we all know what happens at recess. The bully comes out and rules the playground, while the little nerds like me cower in the corner. The bully's friends all put on hats, and make signs showing the teacher with a Hitler mustache, and yell about how only Socialists would make everybody learn the times tables. And then the teacher blows the whistle and lectures the class.

I really don't have time to write a speech for him. But I know what I would say.

I would call it the "What If" speech.

To those Americans who are currently happy with their insurance I would ask:

What if you lost your job? Or even worse, what if you got very sick, and THEN lost your job? What would happen to your insurance coverage? What would happen to your budget, your savings, your family, your life?

To the members of Congress who have been swayed by the bullies, and who are now very clearly saying that they will vote against any form of the public option, including co-ops, which are a totally inadequate idea anyway, I would ask:

What if you have been listening to the wrong people? What if your constituents have been deceived, and are actually arguing against their own best interests, and the best interests of the entire country?

To all the members of Congress, I would say:

What if health reform fails? What will happen to our country's small businesses, our economy and the millions of people who are counting on you to do the right thing? On the other hand, what if you voted for real reform, and it succeeded??? Think about that.

And to the American people, I would say:

What if we all calmed down for a minute? What if we refocused on the original values of this country:
The pursuit of happiness. Not money. Happiness.

What if we worked together, instead of calling names and making up lies?

What if our children could watch us solve a big problem by truly talking with each other, and truly listening to each other, and in the end, coming up with a big solution?

What if?


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh, THAT Constitution! Gotcha.

(where's your baseball cap, man? i almost didn't recognize ya)

I came across this video which features a red-faced town hall protester explaining how the "U.S.S. Constitution" prohibits Congress from enacting health care reform.

"Right here," says the protester. "I got a book here called the U.S.S. Constitution. I'm sure everybody's seen this before. And you know what? I've read this book three times now, and I've referenced it dozens of times and I can't find one little paragraph in here that says the government has the right to take over our health care."

My first question is, why do these people all wear hats? Is it a secret signal of some kind?

~ Why do they all have gray hair?

~ Why are they all standing out there in the hot sun, when they are clearly on the verge of a stroke already?

~ And last but not least, when did the U.S.S. Constitution become a book, which is undoubtedly way too long for most of these people to read? Is there a Cliff-Notes version we could see? Maybe, like, a one-pager that, like, might be stored in some government building?


Fortunately, I also discovered this excellent article which explains the "tenthers" and their insistence that health care reform is unconstitutional.

Read it. It makes some very good points. But don't try to convince anybody wearing a hat.

Their minds are made up.