Monday, September 21, 2009

Why do I bother?

(dear senator cornyn: watch your step
or i might decide to run for senator instead of governor.
which position pays more, by the way?
just wondering.)

In the past, I haven't been all that politically active. I probably shouldn't admit that, since I am trying to become the next Governor of Texas, but it's true.

I'm paying closer attention these days. After all, I realized that my instincts were correct on the Iraq war (a colossal waste of time, money, and lives). I realized that my suggestions for the Democrats were right on target even though they still haven't taken my advice (stop beating around the bush and start talking in bumper stickers, like your opponents). And I realized that when it comes to health care reform, I should try to make my voice heard.

So I started writing to my Representatives, like a good little citizen.

What a colossal waste of time.

My Representatives are die-hard Republicans who send me long, wordy responses that talk about government take-overs and rationing of care.

One of my Representatives, John Cornyn, recently mailed out a survey asking questions like this:

Are you concerned that health care rationing could lead to:

~ Denial of treatment in cases where the patient's prospects are deemed not good?
~ A "lottery" system of determining who will get priority treatment?
~ A "quota" system which would determine who would determine who would get treatment on the basis of race or age?


... which is kind of like asking:

"Who do you think Obama's government-controlled health care will kill first - Sarah Palin's baby, or Sarah Palin's grandmother? Not that they want to kill people, but just as a hypothetical question - ?"

So that's it. I'm finished writing my Representatives. If they want to know what I think, they can read my blog. And if they don't care what I think, they can wait until the next election. I will be happy to tell them in person.



  1. Lily said it all.

    BTW Did you watch that other Texan Republican make a fool out of himself on Dancing With the Stars?

  2. Lily: hahaha! Isn't that the truth!

    Rae: Oh good lord, I know - every time I turn around there's another Texas Republican making a fool out of themselves. This really is a wacky state.

  3. You sure do have your share of loons representing the state of Texas.
    Cornyn is one of the many GOPer's who were in lock step with the Bush Administration on all the wasteful spending of tax payer dollars they were doing, now all of a sudden they want to be fiscal conservatives with Barack Obama in office... go figure.
    BTW, thanks for the comments on your state's former rep. (and pest man) Tom "the Hammer" DeLay appearing on "Dancing with the Stars."
    I love that photo of him holding that name plate for the mug shot.