Saturday, September 5, 2009

Odd News Headlines

(let's take a vote. which is odder?)

Sometimes the headline tells the story. Here are a few examples from this week's news, in no particular order of oddness ...

Pa. Man Fires Cannon, Hits Neighbor's House

U.S. Bank Seeks Thumbprint of Armless Man

Jackson Tomb Remains A Mystery

Michelle Bachman: Dems Want To Sabotage Me Because I Might Become President

Obama Blasted For Planning Speech To School Children

Blogger From Frisco Texas Becomes Highest Paid Presidential Staff Writer In History, Vows To Eliminate Speeches For Obama Altogether And Replace Them With Bumper Stickers And Protest Signs Because Let's Face It Nobody Is Paying Attention To The Speeches Anyway


1 comment:

  1. Megabucks huh? Where can I buy a canon? I heard Obama was going to take away our canons and replace them armbands. Oh, bad joke...