Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12th

(freedom works: regular grassroots folks with angry red faces, hitler signs, baseball caps,
and intimate ties with pharmaceutical companies)

I watched a replay of the 9/11 broadcast yesterday on MSNBC. It was chilling. I knew every step that would come next. And I remembered exactly how I felt eight years ago. I'm sure you remember, too.

So here we are, on 9/12. I remember how I felt on this day eight years ago, as well.

~ I was scared. Would there be another attack?

~ I was angry. Who on earth would think they have the right to kill so many innocent Americans?

~ I was bewildered. Why would people hate us so much?

I was looking for answers. I was looking for leadership. I was looking, quite frankly, for someone to tell me how to react. How to feel. What to believe.

Enter President Bush. Firm. Resolute. The Decider. He told us all who to fear, who to hate, and what to do. Bomb the crap out of Iraq. That'll do it.

We all know how that turned out.

Ironically, after spending billions of dollars and sacrificing thousands of young soldiers, after lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction, after ignoring the health care crisis here at home and bringing the world to the brink of total financial collapse - the Republicans now have all the answers.

Thousands of people will be marching on Washington today, at the urging of Glenn Beck. They are part of the 9-12 project, proudly sponsored by FreedomWorks, founded by Dick Armey, a corporate lobbyist.

Great. Let's instill so much fear in ourselves that we can't think straight. Then let's have the corporate lobbyists tell us what to do.

If this is the 2009 version of "9-12" please tell me - what was this year's version of 9-11? A black man getting elected to the White House? That same black man having the audacity to lecture white folks, using fancy schmancy words? Trillions of dollars in debt that can be directly traced to the failed policies of the BUSH ADMINISTRATION?

Please. One of the strongest lessons of 2001 was - be careful who you believe. The loudest voices are not necessarily speaking the truth. Even if they're yelling "you lie."

Be careful, America. We've been here before.

Be careful.



  1. Excellent!
    If (and that really is a big IF) a majority of Americans do go that route, then we as a nation will get what we deserve.
    Politicizing the unfortunate events of September 11, 2001 is a travesty. But then, these people no know shame.
    Look at who is calling for the march on D.C. today on 9/12/09... the doofus on Fox who has lost nearly 70 (that's 7-0) CORPORATE sponsorships from his show because of past irresponsibilities.
    You are correct that we as a nation have to be careful who we collectively are going to trust.
    Fool us once, shame on you... fool us twice then shame on us.

  2. Thank God their side didn't win!