Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canadian health care

(what's the prescription for health care reform?
ask a canadian.)

We've all heard lots of scary stories about long waits and inadequate care in Canada, England and other countries with universal (socialist/fascist/government-run/boogeyman) health care. But are they true?

Here is a post, word for word, from the Health Care for America Now blog. Read it. See what a Canadian thinks about the whole issue. If you have doubts, give him a call!


I can NOT believe the ad running on american TV from the canadian lady who states she would have died if she were to depend on our health care program. The whole ad was nothing short of treasonous not to mention a complete lie.

I am going to tell you about our health care, good and bad.

My wife found a lump in her breast and within 3 weeks had 2 ulrasounds a visit with a specialist and a follow up visit to lay out a plan of action. Her good friend was diagnosed in november with breast cancer and had her tests, specialist visits, and surgery within 3 1/2 weeks. I was admitted to the hospital the same day I saw my doctor with atrial fib and saw a specialist 3 days later, had a stress test 11 days later, and a follow up with the specialist 9 days later.

MYTH, our health care is free. It is NOT free. It is paid for through our taxes, a tax I pay knowing I will not lose my home if me or my family gets sick.

MYTH, the goverment decides what medical care you recieve. NO. The doctor decides what tests, diagnostics and treatments you recieve.

Every canadian is gauranteed health care coverage in Canada. Plain and simple, no exceptions. Each province administers the health care in Canada. This means some provinces have a monthly health care rate, minimal to say the least, some provinces have the employer pay a small family rate for employees, and some provinces have no health care rate. Now here is where I think your lobbyists are trying to confuse you. Each province has a drug, optical, and dental plan for low income earners. In this area the provincial governments do have the option of using generic drugs over brand names. And you wont be getting designer frames for your glasses or cosmetic dentistry. But we do have blue cross plans if you feel you need more drug, optical, and dental coverage. These provincial drug, optical, and dental plans have nothing to do with our health care.

We do not nor does our government put seniors on ice floes. Our doctors dictate all care needed for a patient in our federal health care program. We do not have a federal government agency that dictates what doctor and hospital care is covered or not covered. It is ALL covered. Period. No exceptions.

We do not pay half our pay to taxes to cover this. I have estimated over the years I pay about 19% income tax. I will never lose my home or end up living in an alley because one of my family members get sick.

I will never have to compete with a higher wage earner for hospital space as there is no profit for the hospital to realize if they take him over me. On a waiting list we are a number, not a social standing.

It is not a perfect system but I dare say a whole heck of a lot better than the mess you have going on. Big drug business, lobbyists, private hospitals in it for profit not treatment. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you people get any care at all.

Please be smart about this very important issue. Call any canadian you pick out of a phone book and ask them if they would give up our health care for what you have. Heck, call me or my wife. I have no qualms about giving out my phone number. 403-223-8703.

Please publish this email and phone number where ever you like. I wish all americans the best in solving your health care issues. But do it informed. Not scared. It works here in Canada as it does in the UK, Australia. and a number of european countries.

Your friend in Canada Steve Todd.



  1. I commend the Canadian man for being a stand up guy on this issue.
    Well said and thanks for posting this... more people should take note of this.
    It's going to get interesting out there over the next three months before Congress closes down the 2nd session of the 111th Congress.
    Stay tuned...

  2. I am also Canadian, and I have not wanted for health care in any of my 35 years. I do pay Medical Services Plan (MSP) a small amount per month, and I am also covered by Blue Cross through my work for dental and eye care. MSP is rated based on how much you make per year. I didn't pay any as a student because I made so little money. Now, my work deducts a small amount for MSP from my pay and it pays the rest. I believe it's about $12 per month for my husband and I both. Before I started working, I paid about $30 per month.

    Knowing that no matter what happens to me, I am covered medically is amazingly reassuring. I can't imagine living in a country where I must fear illness or injury. *shiver*

    I hope that all Americans can see the truth behind universal health care. It works...plain and simple.

    Resident of British Columbia, Canada

    Info on MSP:

  3. Jim & Tammy: It's so "interesting" to see the angry opposition to health reform here in the U.S. Why on earth would we all NOT want equal access to health care for our fellow citizens? (not to mention ourselves) I hope that some day we will all look back and think "Wow, it's a good thing we got something done back then in 2009." If not, I'm afraid we will look back and think "What a shame. We missed the opportunity to head off a real calamity."

  4. Excellent information. Too bad it can't run as an ad on TV, but I am sure the opposition would still find a way of twisting it around to say it was not true.

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