Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(i'm leavin' on a jet plane. me and my psychedelic suitcase.)

Get out some kleenex. Take a seat. I have bad news - I'm leaving tomorrow for a week's vacation. Stop sobbing. It will be fine. Life will carry on without me.

Max Baucus will continue to work on behalf of the big insurance companies. Maybe he will add a provision to his UnitedHealth Prosperity Bill that will add a new surtax for liberal bloggers. Or maybe he will admit that, haha! it was all a big joke, and introduce the REAL bill.

Sarah Palin will work with her editor to finish her book. It's 400 pages long right now, but after they take out any sentences that don't make sense, plus the words "rogue" and "mavericky" it will end up just a tad longer than Curious George And The Puppies, which is much more reasonable for her particular audience.

My supporters will finalize the design for my Lesleymo For Governor campaign buttons and t-shirts. (Official slogan: What The Hell It Can't Get Any Worse) If you haven't sent your check for $12.6 million, why not do it this week? That would make a lovely surprise when I get back home.



  1. I will miss you, but maybe I'll have a bit more time. Have fun on your vacation, and I'll get to writing that check...

  2. Have fun on vacation... looking forward to more in the future... especially when it comes to crunch time for the health care reform bill.