Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh, THAT Constitution! Gotcha.

(where's your baseball cap, man? i almost didn't recognize ya)

I came across this video which features a red-faced town hall protester explaining how the "U.S.S. Constitution" prohibits Congress from enacting health care reform.

"Right here," says the protester. "I got a book here called the U.S.S. Constitution. I'm sure everybody's seen this before. And you know what? I've read this book three times now, and I've referenced it dozens of times and I can't find one little paragraph in here that says the government has the right to take over our health care."

My first question is, why do these people all wear hats? Is it a secret signal of some kind?

~ Why do they all have gray hair?

~ Why are they all standing out there in the hot sun, when they are clearly on the verge of a stroke already?

~ And last but not least, when did the U.S.S. Constitution become a book, which is undoubtedly way too long for most of these people to read? Is there a Cliff-Notes version we could see? Maybe, like, a one-pager that, like, might be stored in some government building?


Fortunately, I also discovered this excellent article which explains the "tenthers" and their insistence that health care reform is unconstitutional.

Read it. It makes some very good points. But don't try to convince anybody wearing a hat.

Their minds are made up.