Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thinking like a Republican

(look at that. her brain is shrinking before our very eyes.)

Oh no! Something is happening to my brain! I am actually agreeing with Republicans. This is not good.

~ The Republicans hate the Baucus bill.

I agree.

~ The Republicans think that the bill will "tax" middle income people.

I agree. Whether you call it a tax, a fee, or a little-extra-something-that-will-reduce-your-net-worth, I can foresee the bill costing me a bundle. I make too much money to qualify for subsidies, I am self-employed so I have no purchasing power whatsoever, and I am old so the insurance companies can charge me up to 4x the base rate (formerly 5x - thanks a bunch for that generous reduction, Max).

~ The Republicans think the whole process should start over.

I agree. Let's put single payer back on the table and start from scratch.

I even agreed with Glenn Beck today. Good lord. In an interview with Katie Couric, who seems to have a knack for tripping up Republicans, he said he thought the country would be even worse off if John McCain was President.

I agree.

Of course, conservatives including a certain rabid radio host named Mark Levin immediately blasted Glenn Beck, calling him "mindless" "incoherent" and "pathetic."

Once again, I agree.

Maybe there's hope for my brain after all.



  1. Your title scared me! I saw Glenn Beck in the interview. I was also surprised to agree with him, although, it honestly was his slam to Obama.

    I think it's all a plot to confuse us!

  2. I hope you are over your little scare.