Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The latest Republican let's-not-give-anyone-healthcare bill went down in flames. Or maybe it was a total success! Here's what DJT thinks about the defeat. Or maybe the victory:

(From Huffington Post)
“Essentially the vote would have been pretty close too, if you look at it: 48 to 4,” said Trump, referring to the Republican side only. “That’s a pretty impressive vote by any standard.”

Yes, pretty impressive ... if Republicans were the only ones who voted. 

So, by the same standard:
  • If only your children voted, you would be Father of the Year!
  • If only YOU voted, you would be your high school's Most Popular Student!
  • If only your hairdresser voted, you would be Best Comb-Over Ever!
  • If only I could vote ... over and over ... you would slink away in defeat
If only.

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