Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seriously good news

Things are looking up!

I am tired of all the doom and gloom in the news lately. So this morning, I opened my newspaper determined to find something good to write about. Surprisingly, it didn't take long!

First, I found an article about Bernie Madoff's wife. Did you know that she withdrew $15 million from their brokerage account just days before he was arrested? What amazingly lucky timing! Good for her.

Then, I found an article about 696 lucky people at Merrill Lynch, who were "secretly and prematurely" awarded $3.6 billion in bonuses just before the firm was acquired by Bank of America. Amazingly lucky timing, once again! Good for them.

I bet you are smiling already. I'm sure you are happy for these lucky, lucky people. I know I am. But wait! There's more!

YOU are also a lucky, lucky person this morning. Congress has reached a compromise on the new stimulus bill, and it includes a generous provision for you. (yes, you!) The "cornerstone" of the bill is a tax credit which will translate into an extra $13 per week in take-home pay for the average worker. That's right, you can look forward to a whopping $13 per week. Good for you.

Ironically, the nickname for this tax credit is "Make Work Pay."

I have a better idea.

Let's go into the wallets of the fat cats who stole our 401(k)'s, our IRA's and our homes, running rackets that were not all that different from Mr. Madoff's ponzi scheme. Let's take back the bonuses they generously awarded themselves. Let's uncover the fraud that was perpetrated on the American people. Let's put some people in jail.

Let's make them pay. THAT would be good news.

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