Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fun With Numbers

(be afraid. be very afraid)

Oh my gosh! We're deeper in debt! We're losing more jobs! We're doomed, doomed, doomed!!

That is, unless we get Republicans back in power as soon as possible. Just ask em, they'll tell ya.

Here are some scary charts I found on the Official Republican website. Have your children leave the room before you look at them. Really. They're that frightening.

First, here is a chart of job losses since the stimulus. Oh, excuse me. That's the "stimulus" in sarcastic little quotation marks. Take a look at this scary trend:

Yikes! At this rate we will ALL be out of a job soon! Even Jay Leno!

But the thing is, job losses have slowed dramatically since the quote unquote "stimulus." So how did they make this chart look so scary? Simple. They charted the cumulative jobless rates, rather than showing the trend like this:

(Job losses by month - from The Washington Monthly)

But hey! Jobless rates don't tell the whole story! What about all that spending, huh? The Democrats have just been going crazy crazy crazy!

Look at this chart, again from the Official Republican Everything We Say Is Right Heh Heh Pardon The Pun Website:

This one is DEFINITELY scary bad news! They even put Nancy Pelosi in the background, which makes perfect sense because it is all her fault!! Her and her "Democrat Majority."

Except ... helloooo ... this massive debt can be traced directly back to the previous Republick President and his Republick Majority, as shown by this chart from a recent excellent article by James Kwak entitled Budget Sense and Nonsense:

So I guess my point is, anyone can make a chart.

Anyone can present a scary picture.

But it takes a certain amount of chutzpah to scream about deficits that your own party created, and to suggest that tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts are going to somehow fix the problem, since as far as I remember a negative number plus a negative number equals an even bigger negative number.

Chutzpah + Screaming + Fuzzy Math = Not A Solution. Scary charts or no scary charts.



  1. I am always amazed and awestruck when I listen to the GOP point the finger of blame for a multi-trillion dollar deficit on Obama. Have they forgotten the surplus that Clinton left behind when Bushie took over? Dubya whipped out the old charge card and went on a rampage of spending. Somehow they have wiped their memory banks of those facts. The whole thing is plain ugly - just like that snarling old man in the photo.

  2. where were their voices when the deficit ran sky high during bush era?

  3. I am so tired of the Republican propaganda. It really gets me that so many believe what they're told by Fox! Brainwashing. That's the only explanation...