Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama Schools Republicans

(the professor is in. and how.)

Republican Strategy Meeting:

John Boehner: Hey guys, we've invited The Prez to come talk to us at the annual retreat. We're gonna get him on our territory and hit him with some "gotcha" questions. Sucker.

Eric Cantor: Yeah, let's grill the guy. We'll ask him hard-hitting stuff like why is he bankrupting the country with his Bolshevik plots and why doesn't he ever listen to our ideas when we are so eager and willing to work with him.

Boehner: I'll even give him a copy of our Idea Book! That'll make for some great drama!

Cantor: One little thing, though. He wants us to televise it.

Boehner: Perfect! We can work twenty talking points into each question so our message will be loud and clear. He'll be so confused, he won't even know where to begin. Bwa ha ha.


Unfortunately for the Sneering Clueless Ones With Spray Tans, the meeting didn't turn out quite the way they hoped.

Bwa ha ha indeed.

You rock, Barack.


  1. It was a great. Gotcha GOP. Thank you Barack.

  2. do you think that will change their behavior and work with barack? nope.

  3. Rae: hee hee - I loved it, too!

  4. Sarah: For a fleeting moment while I was watching it, I thought "Surely some of them will now change their ways." But I was delusional, of course. Still, it was great to see Obama telling it like it is.

  5. Lesley, I liked the play by play at the basketball game too.

  6. Bob: I missed that. What basketball game?

  7. That was great to see Lesley, the way President Obama handled the GOP retreat the other day and Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews on MSNBC were spot on with their observations LIVE during the telecast.
    BTW... Bob was referring to Obama as a guest during the Georgetown vs. Duke college basketball game on Saturday afternoon on CBS-TV where he did some play-by-play and commentary of the game in D.C.
    Keep up the great work you are doing here on your blogs.