Thursday, January 7, 2010

Terrorist Transcript

(underwear is everywhere, especially underneath)

Breaking News! I have obtained a top secret, totally classified, completely made up but not that far from the truth transcript from a recent Al Qaeda meeting.

shhh ... let's listen in ...

Top Terrorist: Gather round, fellow Jihadists! Big news from the Land Of The Great Satan.

Lowly Recruits: What is it??

TT: They have a new leader. And he is no longer using the phrase "War On Terror!" Haha! You know what this means, don't you?

LR: Uh, not really.

TT: They no longer know that we exist! We are invisible to them! Plus, for the past 8 years we were so busy fighting them here, we had no time to take the War On Terror to their soil. But now, we are ready! It's time to strike!

LR: Woo hoo!

TT: We are emboldened!

LR: Oh yeah!

TT: In fact, we have a new plan. First, we have developed some new television ads that will hypnotize the stupid Americans and make them totally powerless against our might. These diabolical ads talk about the 10 questions you need to ask your doctor. We're going to broadcast them over and over, back to back, again and again, until the Americans will do ANYTHING to make them stop.

LR: Boo-ya!

TT: Next, we have developed some new explosives. They will be undetected by the pathetic airport screeners.

LR: Yee-haw!

TT: All you have to do is hide the explosives in these specially designed underpants.

LR: Huh?

TT: Then take a match ...

LR: Uh-oh.

TT: And Ka-Boom! You're on your way to glorious martyrdom. Or a public defender. Either way, you should be fine.

LR: ... gulp ...


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