Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello, my name is Corporate Corporation

(did you say something? speak up, i can't hear you)

Oh my gosh, I have SO much to rant about these days!

The Supreme Court has said that corporations are people with all the same rights as you and me but way more money to produce stupid political commercials. So I need to figure out a couple of things.

Like, if a corporation comes to my door selling Palin For President Girl Scout Cookies am I allowed to swear at them, even if it makes them cry? Or if a corporation invites me over for dinner and then wants me to watch The Obama Deception Full Screen Surround Sound Blu Ray Extended Version with them should I put my fingers in my ears and go "la la la" for three hours?

I could just go home, of course. But the only thing playing on my TV will be The Obama Omen, The Devil's Advobamacate, and old reruns of John Kerry: The Flip Flop Chronicles.

So if I shoot the corporation instead, would I be put in jail? Cuz after all, corporations can deny my health care or pollute my water or convince my teenagers to smoke or collapse the entire economy and nobody puts them in jail.

It's all so confusing.

Meanwhile, as our friendly corporations meet at the country club and smoke cigars, there are some movements afoot to try to get our puny little insignificant people-ish voices heard.

Here are some websites you might want to check out. If you know of any others, let me know and I'll add them to my list! - by the fabulous Alan Grayson, who rants even better than me
Corporations are NOT the People - A fax petition that probably won't do any good but might make you feel better
Impeach the Supreme Court Five - ditto



  1. The world is becoming so strange. There are ideas for creepy stories in reality, every day. Scary!

  2. Maybe you and I can form our own corporation. Of course we would have to have a richer backer, but think of the fun RANT ads we could make and put on TV. Nobody would be immune.

  3. You know my thoughts on that (sick) joke of a ruling by the Supreme Court on Thursday, January 21, 2010... a day that will live in infamy...
    Isn't it interesting that a G.W. Bush Supreme Court appointee (John Roberts) initiated the process of making this ruling?
    Another SITE for you to check out is INFOWARS.COM and/or PRISONPLANET.COM ... Alex Jones (from your state of Texas) is pretty good, but he's considered crazy... what? Glenn Beck isn't?
    Have a great day Lesley.

  4. I agree with all of you! If interested my blog is