Wednesday, January 20, 2010

oh shit

(i guess martha coakley should have done a centerfold. it worked for brown.)

He did it. Scott Brown, the centerfold Hunk Of The Year truck-driving Republican took over Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

How did he win? He had better ads.

He had a catchy slogan. A rugged pick-up truck. He even had a TV ad using Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy! What the heck?

Coakley used snarky, negative ads, and made the unforgivable mistake of calling Curt Shilling, a Red Sox pitcher who was campaigning for Brown, a Yankees fan.

Again, the Democrats get an F when it comes to messaging.

What does this mean for health care? I dunno.

Ironically, Brown voted for health reform in Massachusetts, implementing a system that is very very similar to the current Senate proposal. Now he's speaking out against national reform, calling it a "one size fits all" solution. If what you did was so great, Mr. Brown, why wouldn't you want it for the rest of us?

Most importantly, what does this mean for Obama? I hate to say it, but I think he's done.

The right is louder, more unified, more organized, and more vocal. It doesn't matter if their message makes no sense. It doesn't even matter if it's an outright lie. They turn it into a cute little bumper sticker-ish saying, or an eloquent impassioned email, and they get the message out. Over and over.

The right is also more determined to push through their agenda. Not some fuzzy-wuzzy bipartisan let's-all-get-along agenda. Their agenda. Obama was elected to stand up to the banks, the Wall Street fat cats, and the health insurance companies.

He doesn't seem to be standing up to anybody. And he won't tell us why we should still stand behind him.

Either the left is going to learn how to play this message game, or the game is over.

I'll say it again, Barack - give me a call! You guy seriously need a good copywriter.




  1. Great!
    Lesley, you nailed this one... Schilling was on Fox "News" with Hannity as well... more neo-con propaganda.
    Too bad "anonymous" doesn't show up to comment here ... it'd really create some fireworks, eh?
    The Dems had better wake up or else...

  2. I think someone has cursed the Democrats. How can this stuff continue to happen over and over? It is kind of like being a Chicago Cubs fan. It takes a lot of guts to watch knowing they are always going to be losers.

  3. Jim: Anonymous is quite the talker, isn't he? Or she? Sheesh. If he/she feels so strongly, he/she should be willing to show his/her face!

  4. Rae: I know, it's so discouraging. They're just killing themselves with bumbleheaded incompetence. I don't get it.