Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Republican "Census" Form

(gee, you just never know what's going to arrive in the mail!)

Dear Michael Steele,

I was a little surprised to receive your "OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT FUND RAISING PLEA DISGUISED AS A CENSUS FORM" in the mail today. I am quite honored that you want to know my views about the Republican Party.

In fact, the accompanying letter says that my registered Census "is one of a select few being mailed into Texas' 26th Congressional District." Wow. Lucky me.

But your questions are making me mad. Especially since I am a registered Democrat. For example (and I quote) -

"How much does it concern you that the Democrats have total control of the federal government?"

"Do you believe the huge, costly Democrat-passed stimulus bill has been effective in creating jobs?"

"Do you worry that the Obama Administration is committed to greatly expanding the government's role in your life?"

And on and on and on ...

Come now, Mr. Steele. If you want me to answer your inflammatory questions, kindly fill out the form below, attach a check for $25 or more, and send it to me. You already have my address.

Question # 1:
The Republican strategy is to:
__ Propose absolutely no ideas
__ Vote no
__ Propose ideas, and then vote no on the exact same ideas

Question # 2:
When you look back on the Bush years, do you think:
__ Bush was not a true Republican
__ Bush was misunderstood
__ Bush who?

And Question # 3:
According to the Republicans, a true American is someone who:
__ Votes Republican
__ Attends tea party rallies with other Medicare and Social Security recipients
__ Would never be mistaken for an illegal alien, even in Arizona
__ Thinks Glenn Beck is serious
__ All of the above

Thank you for your time, Mr. Steele. And now, I plan to print out this little blog post and return it to you in your Business Reply Envelope. No check attached.



  1. Brilliant! I may be politically conservative, but I find those loaded questions on the pseudo-Census just as disgusting. I'm starting to think that no one in Congress wants bipartisanship; after all, working together is tough and it's easier to prey upon people's political differences and superstitions. I'd say throw the bastards out, except I'm afraid there would be more of the same to take their place in the next election.

  2. he must think all repubs are dumb enough to think it's a real census form and comply. clever trick.

  3. They are something, aren't they Lesley?
    A couple of years ago, I registered as a republican in Illinois so I could vote for Ron Paul in the primary... bad mistake.
    They inundated me with GOP questionnaires in which I explained in blunt terms why I voted for Paul.
    BTW, only reason this was so is because being in Illinois, we all knew Barack Obama was a lock in the Democratic primary.
    Michael Steele is a nerd.

  4. 若對自己誠實,日積月累,就無法對別人不忠了。..............................