Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seriously hilarious news

(there's not a lot to laugh about these days)

Have you heard the news??

A gigantic underground volcano of oil is erupting, threatening at the very least the Gulf of Mexico and at the very worst our entire planet. Including me. This is not good.

Europe is in a financial crisis. Today, riots in Greece or a technical glitch caused by a Wall Street trader who was distracted by downloading the John Edwards video, nobody seems to know which, caused a 1000-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Index in just one hour. Yikes.

But I did find one headline that gave me quite a chuckle.

Here it is:

Fox Defends Michael Brown Interview: 'He's An Expert On Botched Responses.'

Yes, Fox News had Michael "Heckuvajob" Brown on TV the other night, explaining his theory that President Obama reacted "slowly" to the oil spill for political reasons. Brown is a credible spokesperson for incompetence, apparently. Hard to deny that.

Perhaps Fox News should consider some other guest appearances:

- They could have Joe Lieberman host a special show on How To Be A Loyal Friend.

- They could have John McCain explain How To Be A Maverick While Not Being A Maverick Who Ever Said I Was A Maverick?? Not Me.

- They could invite Sarah Palin to discuss job longevity.

- They could ask Dick Cheney to talk about the sneering, snarling secrecy, deception, and blatantly anti-constitutional actions of the Obama administration. Oh wait. They already did.

- I could go on and on.

Any other ideas?



  1. invite all the repubs to talk about how to get a bill changed 200+ times to match their own version and then all vote no on it.

  2. Fun blog! I just started one myself, (in the last few days) mostly political, but since I just now started 'playing', not certain yet of the destination. Having viewed yours however, I realize I need a bit of humor in mine. That's likely the least of my worries though as I've never tried to create a blog before, and am stunningly unconversant with the niceties of using blog programs. I don't even know where the rest room is yet. In any case, should you be so disposed, I'd appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you might have. My blog link is below, followed by my email address.

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