Monday, May 11, 2009

Health care reform

(done! that was easy!)

I've been self-employed for years, so I saw the health care crisis coming long before it hit the headlines. My friends who worked for Ford and GM and other companies that were still companies at the time had no idea why the mention of health insurance in casual conversation caused me to sweat, breathe rapidly, and stutter.

Now they understand.

But, good news! The crisis will soon be solved. The insurance companies have apparently come to their senses. They are now on our side.

On May 6th, the big health insurers voluntarily offered to reduce rates for women. Wasn't that nice of them?

And then, just yesterday, a big group of big insurers, drug companies, hospitals and unions pledged to cut the growth of health care costs by 1.5% a year, which could amount to a savings of $2 trillion over the next decade. What amazingly lucky timing! They suddenly discovered that they could save $2 trillion, just before a serious debate on health care begins. Wow.

I just have one word of advice for President Obama:
- Don't turn your back on these guys.

And one word of advice for anyone like me, who has health insurance that costs a fortune, covers practically nothing and could disappear at any moment:
- Don't get sick.


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  1. I hear you. I used to have the best health insurance of anyone I knew... Last year was the first year of my life I got to claim health care expenses on my deductions! What a contrast! Help!