Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miss California

(tiara or brain. pick one.)

Miss California blew it. Rule number one in the Beauty Queen Handbook clearly states:

"When asked your opinion on anything, the correct answer is: World Peace."

What was she thinking, bashing gay marriage? Where did she get the nerve to come up with her own opinion? And how could she forget about those nearly-nude photos that have now popped up to embarrass the suddenly-prudish Miss USA Pageant officials, who would never encourage young women to pose or prance around wearing skimpy little outfits and 6-inch heels? At least, not without wearing a tiara at the same time.

I only have 3 things to say:

1. I think the Republicans are happy to have a new spokesperson who is better looking than Joe the Plumber, who I hear is leaving the party anyway. (For details on Joe's thought process, given the generous assumption that he has a thought process, follow this link and scroll down to the section entitled "What Have We Got To Lose?" which I believe at this point is a rhetorical question.)

2. I think the gay marriage debate is a more worthy topic than the silly debate over which type of mustard President Obama prefers. (Get a life, Mr. Hannity)

And 3. I think, whether I agree with Miss California or not, I applaud her willingness to speak her mind and stand up for her convictions. You go, girl.



  1. You said a mouthful! I can't understand why the photos would upset them, when they paid for breast enhancement so she could parage around in their skimpy garments. And since when did you have to be perfect with nothing embarrassing in your past in order to have an opinion about marriage? I feel sorry for her. She stood up for her personal beliefs so people want to tear her down. Sad.

  2. Oh the woes of a wannabe Barbie. Hannity lost his partner, maybe she can take the empty seat.
    Doesn't take many brains to wotk for the fixed news channel.

  3. I agree. The PC movement has gone way too far. If you have the nerve to say that you don't agree with someone else's belief or opinion, you get labeled a bigot. People want to confuse acceptance with tolerance because it makes them feel better about themselves. I think most of America could use a history lesson on what it really means to be intolerant.