Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Affairs with Oprah

(in politics, as in life, sentence structure is important.)

MSNBC did a story this morning about Elizabeth Edwards' new book. Here is the crawl that appeared at the bottom of the screen:

"Elizabeth Edwards discusses her husband's affair with Oprah."

My first thought - That rat! His wife has cancer and he's having an affair with Oprah??!

My second thought - Oh. She's appearing on Oprah to discuss her husband's affair.

My third thought - He's still a rat.



  1. I'm watching the clip right now on HLN. Coincidence? Hmmm... Anyway, yes - he's a rat!

    And are was supposed to be encouraged about the 'teen pregnancy' article?

  2. It's amazing. Don't people ever proof-read.
    I bought a new swimsuit last year and the hang tag said: To Avoid Color Fading Do Not Get This Article Wet. Are we to swim on dry ground?