Friday, May 29, 2009

Road to Socialism

(road to nowhere ... no thanks, we've already tried that one)

It's been quiet around here. I haven't had much to rant about. Is it just me?

The stock market has been pretty peaceful.

Obama chose a smart, feisty woman as his Supreme Court nominee. No big surprise.

GM is heading for an orderly bankruptcy. Yawn.

I was starting to think the ranting days were over. Maybe everybody could learn to work together, and get along, and even get things done! I'd love to see that. Is it just me?

Then I accidentally turned on Fox News.

There was Glenn Beck, talking to somebody. I don't know who. All I could see was this huge banner across the bottom of the screen, with big red, white and blue letters screaming "The Road To SOCIALISM!!"

ok. sigh. I guess it's just me.



  1. OH NO! I didn't pick you for one of those 'Glenn Beck/Fox' people! (Although, I do think he makes a good point sometimes.) My b-i-law keeps me updated on all the "horrid things we're in store for with Obama", according to Fox... Guess I'll stick with my CNN & MSNBC :)

  2. Glen Beck needs to live in Russia or Iran or Afghanistan for a year or two or ten- then maybe he would see life outside his narrow little focus and appreciate what is important. So glad your back- I missed your ranting.

  3. Lily: No, no, I'm not a Fox person at all! My husband watches it sometimes. Drives me crazy.

    Rae: Thanks, I kind of missed my ranting too! haha

  4. Hope you get this... Is it just me? I can no longer view your other blog. My laptop has its moments. The last two posts won't show up. I get your sidebar, etc, but no post. Just wondered if you're getting through to everyone else. I miss reading!