Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goofiness is bigger in Texas

(as you can see, Texas has way too many roads already)

And you thought YOUR state was weird.

The Texas state legislature has adjourned for the summer. But oops, they forgot to handle some little business before they left. I think they were too busy having a Good Ol Texas Brawl or a Shootout At The OK Corral or something.

While our fine upstanding lawmen were puttin' up their dukes about a voter ID law, they ran out of time to pass a resolution to keep 5 major state agencies up and running, including the Transportation Department.

Oh well.

Once we secede from the union, we won't need all those pesky roads anyway. We'll just saddle up and ride off into the sunset. I'm hoping Governor Perry will lead the way.

Yee haw.



  1. Lesley,
    I not only think my state is weird, I know it is. Remember I come from the Blago state;land of the crooked and lying politician. Where the ex governor's spouse goes on reality TV and eats tarantulas.

    Where governors go to prison. Where senators buy their seat into office. And the home state of a Kenyan, Kansan, Hawaiian guy who became our 44 th president.
    I love Illinois.

  2. Rae, you're right - your state has more than its share of weirdness! Today Blago called his wife's tarantula-eating "an act of love."

    Hoo boy.

  3. He has been railroaded, I tell you! (Did I sound serious?) Thank God for Texas and Illinois. Ohio has something to brag about! (OK, maybe not)