Sunday, June 21, 2009

Problem solved.

(by jove, i've got it!!)

Wait! Wait! Breaking news alert! The Republicans have health care reform all figured out.

Michael Steele hosted a radio show yesterday, and insisted that the health care crisis is "not that complicated."

Here is a quote from the show:

STEELE: So if it’s a cost problem, it’s easy: Get the people in a room who have the most and the most direct impact on cost, and do the deal. Do the deal. It’s not that complicated.

If it’s an access question, people don’t have access to health care, then figure out who they are, and give them access! Hello?! Am I missing something here? If my friend Trevor has access to health care, and I don’t, why do I need to overhaul the entire system so I can get access he already has? why don’t you just focus on me and get me access?


Here is my ranting:

Mr. Steele, I hate to tell you but you ARE missing something here. Hello ... our current system is controlled by the health insurance companies. And the health insurance companies are not eager to provide affordable access to health care for you, Trevor, or anyone else on the planet. That is not their job. Their job is to make a profit.

So ... if we want everyone to have access to health care, like your fortunate friend Trevor, we need to get the insurance companies out of the picture. Which means, yes, we need to overhaul the entire system.

You're right. It's not that complicated. Let's do the deal.



  1. I hope these guys are following you too!

    I still can't pull up your other blog except as an Atom and can't comment, so I'll leave it here. Your picture wasn't as boring as mine for the challenge. Mine was an electric fence connection!

  2. Have you considered running for political office?
    I think you should.

  3. Lily: Well, these guys are hearing from me by email! I don't know if they are listening. Hope the glitch with the other blog clears itself up. I'll have to go look at your electric fence picture!

    Rae: That's an interesting idea! I often tell my husband I should be Queen. haha

  4. Amen. I just recently got in a scuffle with our insurance. They misled us on which hospitals they covered (because they're closed on weekends), I was denied extended care because my doctors could not find a hospital that took my insurance, and STILL the insurance wants to stick us with a $1500 bill because "we never asked permission". To top that fight off, we just got a bill today for a chest xray I had done after my car accident, because the insurance never responded to the clinic's claim.

    They need to go.