Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hellooooo out there

A few days ago, I discovered a blog on my congressman's website. He is a doctor, and he is involved in Republican healthcare reform, which is in my opinion an oxymoron.

Anyway - I was browsing his website looking for details on what, exactly, Republican healthcare reform would look like. I didn't have much luck, but I did find a Congressional Health Care Caucus blog.


Maybe I could find a link to their plan. (nope)
Or read some comments from other interested persons. (nope)
Or post a comment and get a response. (nope)

So far I have posted two comments. Neither one has been published on the blog. Neither one has been answered. I'm thinking I will post a comment every day until I finally get a response. Or my email is blocked by the CIA. Either one.

I'll let you know.



  1. I imagine the RNC is profiling you right now. You don't want to get on the wrong side of the right side. Huh? That didn't make sense but you know what I mean. Right?

  2. Good Luck! I've tried e-mailing my representatives, and when I finally get a response, it's like whoever answered scored super low in reading comprehension... Yeah, is that what you think I asked???