Wednesday, May 13, 2009


(no! please! make it stop!)

He's baaack. Dick Cheney has been making the rounds with his one-man show called "Ok It Was Torture But You're Still Alive So You Ought To Be Thanking Us." To me, the real torture is seeing his face over and over and over. Nothing personal, but I just can't stand the man.

I don't know which is worse - that snarl ...

("I. Said. Get. Off. My. Lawn!")

... or that smirk

("Heh heh, I'm only pretending to be feeble. Just wait till this inauguration is over. I'll be EVERYwhere!")

Sometimes he breaks into an actual smile. Makes you wonder what's really going on ...

(f*rt ... "Sorry Nancy.")

Of course, I do believe that everyone has some redeeming qualities. Even Dick Cheney. Maybe some day, somehow, he will do something that will make the world a better place.

("Ready, aim ...")



  1. Ah yes, the evil Darth Vader. He just won't go away. I hated everything about "W" especially when he mangled the English language, but I have to give hime credit - at least now he has kept his mouth shut about his replacement. I expect old Darthy Dick to bring out his light sword and lop off some heads before long - it won't be torture after all.

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  5. Seriously, I am disappointed that he will not face war charges. We gave the death penalty when the shoe was on the other foot. Why is it now OK for the US to stoop to 'their' level? I'm glad Obama is bringing back some core values to government.