Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not totally ranting

(RIP, public option)

Ok. So the public option is dead. Even if Harry Reid says it's kind of still alive, in a zombie-meets-alternate-universe kind of way.

My friends have been sending condolence emails. But really, I'm ok.

I'm not even ranting about it.

Because instead of the stupid, trigger-happy-opt-in-opt-out-wishy-washy public option that was never going to happen, we just might get 2 things:

1. The chance for those of us over 55 to buy into Medicare, and

2. An Exchange that mimics the health care options available to Congress.

Now, I'm not all that excited about # 2. Everybody thinks Congress gets this sweet deal, but it's really just private insurance plans saying "Buy me! Buy me!" Big deal.

On the other hand, # 1 has me not-ranting for a change.

~ I find it reassuring that I could possibly have another choice for health insurance, other than the pathetic and extremely expensive Texas High-Risk Health Insurance Pool.

~ I see the potential for further expansion of Medicare, a (gasp) single-payer system, down the road.

~ And I can't wait to hear the protests from the Republicans, who were against Medicare before they were for it, before they were against it again.

Nothing is set in stone yet. But the current compromise has tentative support from Anthony Weiner, Jay Rockefeller and Howard Dean. Olympia Snowe hates it.

That's good enough for me.



  1. The Senate is a joke!
    The House puts out a good health care reform bill and the Senate version is crap ... but when they get together and work things out, then what are we going to end up with?
    This is a sad state of affairs... it's amazing how quick Congress can approve funding for war, and put together bills that screw America and American workers more and more, but they can't get it right when it comes to doing something for the American people... the very people they are SUPPOSED to be representing.

  2. Sorry I can't be excited about any of it. I am already on Medicare through disability. The new reform causes me to lose my Medicare Advantage. I will be paying more out of pocket expenses now. It has me very worried.

  3. The current poles show the public as being 59% FOR a public option. Isn't that why HE got ELECTED? Sorry for shouting, but I get SO UPSET JUST THINKING ABOUT IT ALL!

    Yeah, if you're around 60, you can buy into Medicare for $630 A MONTH! Yeah, I think I can beat that price without the reform.

    I hate to bow to THE WalMart, but I got a 3 month supply for $10 today. Through my insurance, it costs me $50. Kind of a no-brainer when the gov't takes over your pension plan...

  4. I know, the whole thing is frustrating and frightening. Believe me, I know. But the public option had just gotten so ridiculously watered down, it wasn't going to do any good at all. If they expand Medicare, that would be more of a step towards single-payer than the public option ever would have been.

    You're right Lily, $630 a month is no bargain. But it's still less than I would pay here in Texas - if I could find coverage at all. (and we HAVE tort reform here! gee, how did that happen?)