Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WhatTheHeck Headlines

It's not easy to write a headline. I mean, you have to take a whole entire story and condense it into 5 or 6 words. It's a tough job!

Maybe that's why the headlines on Politico, one of my favorite websites, are sometimes a little confusing. Here are a few actual examples that I spotted, just this morning:

Critics Start Fast In Copenhagen
Does this mean that the climate change critics are not eating? Goodness. Or are they simply off to a "fast start"? I would clarify this for you, but the story was 4 pages long and extremely boring, so I really am not sure.

Gibbs: Gallup Like A 6-Year-Old
Yee Haw! Let's all gallup around the press room with Robert Gibbs! Sounds like fun. Oh wait. He was talking about the Gallup Poll, comparing it to a 6 year old with a crayon. I like my interpretation better.

W.H. Predicts A Stimulating Winter
Really? Are they inviting Tigers Woods for an extended stay?

Public Option No Longer Public. Or An Option. Or Anywhere In Sight.
Ok, I made this one up. But it's very close to the truth. And it's not funny at all. Although I am encouraged that they're talking about allowing people 55 and older to buy into Medicare. I have no idea why it took so long to get that idea on the table, but I'm hoping it will stay there.



  1. the entire healthcare should be run like medicare. the esteemed politicians move slower than turtles...

  2. I've heard Missippi's educational system was lacking...

    It won't do us any good to be able to buy into something we can't afford.

  3. Go and visit The Sun (Brit paper). Best headlines ever (terrible paper though). E.g. when Sweden beat us at soccer, headline was:

    "Swedes 4 Turnips 0"

    Jacques Delors passes new euro-laws:

    "Up Yours Delors"


  4. Sarah: They ARE slow, aren't they? By the time they finish this health care stuff, it'll be 2012.

    Lily: Good point. But you know, I think I'd rather pay Medicare premiums than private insurance premiums just on principle at this poitn.

    Grumpy: Sounds awesome! I'll check it out.