Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Speechless. Well, almost.

(RIP, any chance for real health reform ...
it was nice knowing ya)

That was quick. The public option was here, then it was gone. Same for the Medicare buy-in.


I had high hopes for that Medicare idea.

In fact, even Joe Lieberman had high hopes for that Medicare idea. Yes, the person who killed the idea has actually supported it for years. How ironic and wry and completely bumble-headed. Lieberman says he is opposed now because it would be too expensive. But the CBO hasn't even estimated the expense yet.

I'm glad I am not a skeptical person, because it would be awfully tempting to assume that Joe's position has something to do with all those insurance companies headquartered in his state.

And now, everybody is trying to make it sound like what's left will be GREAT! WONDERFUL! The BEST legislation EVER! Even Jay Rockefeller and Ron Wyden. What the heck? Do they think we're not paying attention?

Here's what Rockefeller said yesterday:

"Can you just simply fail to govern because you couldn't get everything you wanted so you just opt out of it? And then there's no bill. And that is not why we're here. We're here to make progress."

I'm not buying it. What's left is crap. What's left is a mandate to buy expensive private insurance that is guaranteed to become even more expensive. Quickly.

Where's the choice? Don't even tell me about the "Exchange." We have an exchange right now. It's called ehealthinsurance.com. You can go there and "choose" from umpteen extremely expensive plans. Whoopie.

Where's the affordability? Where's the repeal of the anti-trust exemption? Where's the competition?

I'm going to write my right-wing Congresspeople today, which is the only type of Congressperson we have down here in Texas. I'm going to encourage them to vote no.

I'm sure they will be happy to hear from me. But don't get complacent, guys. I'll be voting "no" on every one of you, every chance I get.



  1. Is this the legislative equivalent of doing the Big M in the corner??? (rhymes with debate!!!)

  2. Maybe Traitor Joe (Lieberman) should give up his health care if he isn't for the health care bill being presented in the Senate... after all it's too expensive according to him... but funding for Afghanistan and Iraq (TRILLIONS of DOLLARS) isn't?
    Hey Joe, Go Blow!

  3. Bruce: Oh god. Does that mean there's a chance it will get even worse?

  4. Ms Burb: You got that right. lol

  5. Jim: I'm with ya. I feel like an idiot for believing for a split second there that they would actually pass something worthwhile.

  6. John McCain said he supports competition between insurance companies to lower costs and wants the government to crack down on some of these huge insurance trusts. So far, I haven't heard any version of this plan on capitol hill. It's shameful.