Sunday, November 15, 2009

More stuff you just can't make up

What a fun week in politics!

First, a story broke in Politico, revealing that the RNC has provided employees with a health insurance plan that covers elective abortions since 1991.


Michael Steele immediately promised to end this coverage, insisting that it was only in place for emergency situations such as mistresses who live in New Jersey instead of Argentina.

"No self-respecting Republican would condone this despicable practice," said Larry Craig at a press conference held in the men's room of the San Francisco airport. "What were they thinking? This is morally indefensible. Now excuse me, someone is waiting for me in stall # 3. Coming, pookie-ooks!"

Next, the AARP endorsed the House health care bill, prompting John McCain to urge supporters to tear up their membership cards. The white-haired tea partiers in the crowd looked at each other in confusion.

"What about my Applebee's discount?" yelled Bertha Twittlebottom from Des Moines. "You expect me to pay full price for my Maple Butter Blondie? What is this country coming to?"

Somebody also started leaking portions of their new book this week, but I'm not going to pick on that.

It's just too easy.



  1. Perfect. You nailed them!! Lesley you really need to run for office. Your talent is needed in Washington.

  2. I agree! I've told you before, you've got my vote!

  3. It's madness isn't it?
    The way things are with the GOP, they are their own worst enemy and they cannot get out of their own way.

  4. I don't think the government health program should cover elective abortions. That decision should be left to private insurers.

    I think the government option should cover abortion only in emergency situations, such as when the mother's life is endangered by the pregnancy. The whole concept of health insurance is to promote physical and mental health, and giving birth is much safer, healthier, and far more natural than having an abortive procedure.

    My insurance through the military (Tricare) covers abortions in emergency situations, and I'm ok with that.

    This whole hoopla between Reps and Dems over elective abortions in the government option is just stupid, partisan bullcrap. A compromise (like the one I suggested) would be ridiculously easy to reach and have everyone going home (somewhat) happy.

  5. I agree, SM. Don't misunderstand me, I wasn't trying to argue that the public option should cover abortions. I just think it's awfully hypocritical that their own insurance includes abortions while they're arguing for restrictions on other people. Surely SOMEbody must have notice in the past 18 years that there was abortion coverage in there. Where was the outrage about that?

    I don't think most of them really care about the abortion issue. They just want to make President Obama "fail" any way they can.