Friday, November 6, 2009

Unemployment hits 10%

(smile. it might keep you from screaming.)

I found a funny Odd News story for you! This will make you smile. Unless you just lost your job. Which is highly possible, since the unemployment rate is now officially over 10%.

In fact, if you include the long-term unemployed who for some reason have dropped off the radar, the rate is closer to 18%.

Think about this for a minute. These cold statistics represent people. American families. Your friends and neighbors, who have suddenly realized that, number one, their job is gone and number two, their health insurance is teetering on the brink.

Maybe they can afford COBRA for a while. Maybe they have a spouse who is still working.

But maybe, God forbid, they will come down with the sniffles or a pesky rash.

Maybe they will try to buy insurance on their own, with a "pre-existing condition" now on their record. Good luck with that.

Maybe they will find a job that doesn't include benefits and doesn't pay all that well. If they are "lucky" enough to find an insurance company that will cover them, they may very well have to choose between making a mortgage payment and making an insurance payment. Good luck with that, too.

Oh, you're waiting for the funny story, aren't you? Sorry about that! Here it is:

Dick Armey, Mr. Teabagger himself, is featured in an interview with the New York Times magazine in which he says, I kid you not:

"The largest empirical problem we have in health care today is too many people are too overinsured."

Oh my gosh Dick, you are so funny! Stop! My sides are hurting!

Why are all the funny people from Texas? Kinda makes me want to move.



  1. Time to make another round of phone calls for the vote tomorrow. I made mine.

    PS I don't find him all that funny...

  2. Great post Lesley...
    Dick Armey is a chump and always has been.
    Unemployment is no laughing matter and although I am a member of a union, that doesn't guarantee that things can slow to the point where I am also out of a job.
    Things have gotta change and these companies that ship American jobs over seas should be hit HARD by TARIFFS (remember those?) when they want to re-sell their items here in the USA. That would provide incentive for them not to outsource (God I hate that word) good American jobs to foreign nations.
    The main thing is to keep the faith and eventually things will get better.
    Based on the law of averages, they have to.

  3. It's tough to be rich, and famous and healthy because you're rich and famous. Give the guy a break Lesley, he's only saying what his wee, tiny little well-healed brain knows how to say! (Insert shaking head and chuckling and snorting emoticon here). My condolences, from a well-insured citizen from that AWFUL socialized country to the North - CANADA. I'll send ya some Bandages if you run out Lesley; their free up here!!!

    Cordially, (If Not Entirely Sober!)

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