Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah Palin on Oprah: Wowie, what a show!!

(aren't my kids cute? stop talking about them!!)

What a blockbuster moment!! The media event of the year!! The two most self-absorbed women in the world, on stage together. Brought a little tear to my eye.

Here is an actual, unauthorized, and completely imaginary but not that far from the truth transcript of the much-anticipated Oprah-Palin interview:

Oprah: I am delighted to welcome you to my show, Sarah! Is this spotlight bright enough for you?

Sarah: Yes, it's lovely! I've been in lots of spotlights, and this is one of the best so far.

O: I need to apologize for not having you on sooner. I had some hard-hitting subjects to tackle, like Get To Know Your Colon With Dr. Oz and Why You Schmucks Are All Hopelessly Bankrupt with Suze Orman.

S: Oh, I totally understand! I've only recently become articulate, so really it works out better this way.

O: So tell me. What was it like to get that phone call, telling you that John McCain wanted to speak with you about the vice presidency?

S: It was no big deal. It was just a natural progression from the rest of my stellar career. I mean, I worked super hard just to get my bachelor's degree. Took me twelve years and nineteen different colleges. How much harder could it be to be the VP? No biggie.

O: And what about all those nasty rumors about your family? Did that bother you?

S: Oh yes. That was terrible. Every time I dragged my entire family out in front of huge crowds on national television, I pleaded with people NOT to say anything about them. Just because I carried my baby around like a canned ham and kept my other children out of school all year, that does NOT make them fodder for the radical left-wing media. It's so unfair. Right, kids?

S's Kids: Yes Mommy!

O: I have SO many other questions but your publicists told me I couldn't ask them and besides we are out of time. Thank you Sarah! Hope to see you soon!

S: Oh, I'll be around. You betcha.



  1. Did you have any doubt that it would be any different? It is all about ratings. Oprah wants them and Sarah needs them. Loved the canned ham comparison. Way too funny.

  2. The woman formerly known as the Gov. of Alaska would go away IF THE MSM (MAIN STREAM MEDIA) would ignore her.
    That is a big part of this problem.

  3. Rae: I know, you could just see Oprah and Sarah enjoying the warmth of that spotlight.

    Jim: That is very true. But then what would I blog about?

  4. coltin1948 sent me here and he was right. you rock! please keep blogging!!

  5. I saw your post in the Coffee Shop and went over to Broowaha and saw you there on the front page. It was funnier than heck so I had to come over and I'm glad I did. What a fantastic site you have here. Look forward to going through some of you older stuff on here.

  6. Sarah and IOMC: Excellent! I'm SO glad to have you here! Hope to keep you chuckling.

  7. Hi, Lesley, I came here from Bruce as well. Funny stuff! You betcha!

  8. Lesley,
    the "two most self absorbed women" you nailed that, and I feel this was the true behind the scenes interview.
    great read
    big hugs

  9. lmao thats a riot:)
    and one reason why I stopped following media politics. I almost got pist months ago when I heard a bit o news about fox talking about chelsey clinton and the other side freaking out because she is just a kid and that the media has to stop picking on her. I was livid, then I heard she was like campaining and that kid is like 29yo
    But blame bush :D

  10. Tina: Thanks! And welcome!!

    Bob: It was kind of sickening watching them both just beaming under that spotlight. Argh.

    John: You're so funny! And yes, I do blame Bush.