Saturday, November 21, 2009

Palin Resigns From Book Tour

(somebody move that street sign. it's blocking my face)

A week into her much-anticipated book tour, Sarah Palin gave a surprise resignation speech this morning at a local Christmas tree farm.

As a buzz-saw decapitated a live tree behind her, Palin breathlessly explained that the tour was not quite what she expected.

"People who know me know that nothing is more important to me than faith, family and daily headlines on Fox News," she said. "But let's be real here, people. A BUS?? You expect me to travel on a BUS day after day?

"Oh sure, it's a pretty nice bus - and it does have the biggest picture of me, like, ever, other than the one in my living room back home. But please. It's a bus.

"There is absolutely nothing mavericky about a bus.

"Rest assured, my loyal and devoted followers with the adorable Psalm 109:8 secret code t-shirts and the balloon animals on your heads and the concealed weapons in your purses, I am not retreating. I am advancing in another direction.

"I'm coming, Oprah! Save that 4:00 time slot for me."



  1. lol! better have a disclaimer somewhere...

  2. Good 'ol Sarah... what would the MSM do without her?

  3. Sarah: Oops, good idea! I added a new label. You're not THE Sarah, are you?

    Jim: Indeed - not to mention lazy bloggers like me. She is way too easy a target.

  4. And do you really know that this is not a true story? I'd better check Fox... They always tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but... um, sorry... This is not a true comment.

  5. no! lol!!
    i have a little surprise for you at:

  6. This can't be true. Not Sarah. She would never duck out early on anything. Only the governorship of Alaska - but that doesn't count does it?

  7. Lesley, just got off the phone with Sarah P., she
    assured to me that she would indeed keep the van, then I told here "rouge" was red, she wants it repainted now, she said she ain't no commie freak.

  8. Lily: Well, I saw this story in print (right here of course) so it MUST be true!

    Sarah: Thank you!! So sweet.

    Rae: LOL - she had her reasons for quitting the governorship, of course. Something about not being a quitter. It was very confusing.

    Bob: hahaha! You are a hoot.