Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spin spin spin

Heads Or Tails

Last week on my "normal" blog I started playing a weekly game. It's called Heads Or Tails - The Tuesday Meme. Every Tuesday there is a new theme to write about. This week's theme is "spin" which of course is a perfect political topic.

So here we go!

Have you ever noticed that a simple headline can spin a political story even more than the story itself? Here are two headlines, talking about the exact same interview with Michael Steele:

Website # 1:
Steele: 2012 "Off the Table" for Palin

Website # 2:
Steele to Palin: "Sarah, come on in"
(subhead: He wants to see her engage in national politics)

Here are a few more headlines to illustrate my point:

Website # 1:
Obama on track to break records with congressional support
Obama a reliable ratings magnet for struggling networks
Obama can do no wrong, birth certificate mentions Line of David

Website # 2:
White House open to deal on health
Growing national debt may be next economic crisis
Obama can do no right, may have "666" hidden in hairline

Ok, maybe I made a couple of those up. But we all spin from time to time, don't we? Here are a couple more stories from today's news, revealing very creative spinning from ordinary citizens:

Police charge dad who drove with girl, 5, on lap

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Police charged the father of a 5-year-old girl with child abuse after the girl was spotted behind the wheel of a speeding pickup truck. The father was arrested Thurday when police saw his truck speeding and swerving on the city's west side. Police said the father told them he was trying to teach his daughter how to drive.

Man 'driving commando' pulled over for speeding

The deputy smelled alcohol and noticed that Schultz was partially covered by a towel from the waist down. The Newark, Del., resident told the deputy he'd lost his pants.

No kidding.

Anyway, the moral of the story is - whether you are teaching your children to drive, feeling a little breeze down yonder while cruising the highway, or trying to sway someone's political thoughts - don't be afraid to spin! Everybody does it.



  1. Bravo! A perfect example of spin is Fox News... I think they invented it...others have since followed... but FOX is the worst when it comes to the spin cycle.

  2. Everyone uses a little spin, right? I know I do. I call it embellishing. :P

    What does bother me though is a practice I've seen over and over again on 24 news channels. They will get a rumor.. then the next few hours will be reporting on that error and what it may mean. Soon it becomes "fact" and nobody (me) knows how that happened.

  3. Jim: I know, Fox News makes me dizzy!!

    Skittles: Good point. It's so hard to figure out what the truth really is. I think a lot of people just end up picking a side and going with that, because it would take hours and hours to figure out who's lying today. You know what I mean?

  4. I discounted the main stream media a long time ago since they went to opinion formats. Fox is in the tank for Republicans. MSNBC is in the tank for Obama. Who is in the tank for us? I think it is time to bring back Ralph Nader. No spin there.