Monday, July 13, 2009


(stop reading between the lines! that's not allowed.)

Have you ever seen that old joke about ducks? It makes no sense, until you look at it a certain way. Here's a little part of it:


(See em ducks? 'Em are ducks? 'Ell I be! 'Em ARE ducks!)

And on and on and on. It was very funny the first time.

Anyway, I haven't seen any ducks lately, but a few weeks back I kept seeing this face every time I turned around:

(this is NOT a face I want to see when I turn around)

Mr. Cheney was all over the news, talking about how safe he kept us back when he was President. I mean King. I mean - what was he again? - oh yeah. Vice President.

He defended the need for "enhanced interrogation" and said that anything goes in times of war. He even said that Obama is making the country vulnerable to terrorists. You remember, right? I complained about it in a previous post.

At first I thought he was on a book tour. Or maybe he was hoping to run in 2012. (Palin-Cheney 2012? There's an interesting thought!)

But then, some new headlines started to emerge.
  • Massive Bush Surveillance Program Had Limited Effectiveness
  • Pelosi Claims CIA Hid Details On Waterboarding
  • Cheney Told CIA Not To Discuss Program With Congress
  • Democrats Seek Criminal Investigation


Makes perfect sense.



  1. You know, he's a lot more visable not that he's not our VP. Where was he those eight years? Oh yeah, I remember...

  2. Cheney should just go away already... he reminds me of old, lingering fart smell... we all just want it to go away already!!!
    Do you know what happened to Rae's blog (Weather Vane)? When I click on it... there are no posts available.
    Just curious if anyone knows what happened.

  3. Lily - I think he was in a secret bunker. I wish he had stayed there!!

    Jim - LOL - you're so right! I couldn't get on Weather Vane today either. Hopefully Rae will get it back online soon. Not sure what the problem is.