Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sure is hot out here

(how hot can it be?? it's lincoln nebraska, for crying out loud)

From the always amusing Odd News section of Yahoo:


LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln police arrested a man who they said made up a story about being robbed to explain why he was walking around a city park naked. Police spokeswoman Katie Flood said the man was arrested and jailed Wednesday night on suspicion of indecent exposure and making a false statement to police.

Police found the man naked in a southwest Lincoln city park on Monday. He told police a man with a gun tried to rob him, but he did not have any money, so the robber took his clothes.

Flood said the man really took off his clothes because he was hot. He walked around naked for about an hour, but afterward, he couldn't find his clothes.


Hey when you're hot, you're hot. But a robber took your clothes? That's a pretty lame excuse. Next time try one of these:

- I took some Ambien. I'm not even awake. (fall down on a bench and start snoring immediately)

- I'm a Democratic Senator. I shared my clothes with everybody else in the park.

- I'm a Republican Senator. Did you happen to see a young lady run by?


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  1. You forgot I am John Edward and I thought I was in a Seattle park. I think I am a politician would work better. They are all crooked lawyers.