Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Friends:

(take two and call me in the morning. or not.)

I continue to receive emails from friends and assorted other people including my Congressman, trying to enlighten me on health care. Argh.

Here's what they keep trying to tell me:

Anyone can buy health insurance. Just go online.
This little gem invariably comes from people who have NEVER IN THEIR LIVES tried to buy health insurance. Try it. I dare you.

Policies are available for $200 a month. You are just selfish, choosing cable TV instead of health insurance.
If somebody offered me a policy for $200 a month, I would not only buy it - I would grovel at their feet, wash their car once a week, and pressure my kids to name my grandchildren UnitedHealth, Cigna or Aetna. Or even Blue Cross. Never gonna happen.

Why should I pay for your health insurance? That's not fair.
Nobody is asking you to pay for my health insurance. I think this question comes from the assumption that the "public option" would evolve into single-payer universal coverage. But the public option would only be an option for individuals and very small businesses (like ME) who cannot get coverage elsewhere. I would pay for it. Not you.

It's your own fault that you cannot buy affordable insurance. After all, you chose to be self-employed.
This is my favorite. Yes, it's true! I turn down generous job offers with full benefits day after day! I wish people would stop offering me these jobs. I would rather be self-employed and pay double Social Security taxes and handle all of my own expenses including health insurance!! Stop with the job offers already!! Sheesh.

The big, evil government will only mess up health care, like they mess up everything else. And plus, Barack Obama is the anti-Christ.
Ok. Enough already. The original Greek word for anti-Christ has been translated thusly: UnitedHealth, Cigna, or Aetna. Plus Blue Cross.

Maybe I need to hit "delete" more often.



  1. OMG! We really do know the same people! You forgot the part about punishing all the dear people that EARNED their health care. Gee, don't you wish it was true! Imagine telling the boss, "I'm staying over tonight to get dental coverage."

  2. Lily: I'd work weekends for a month to get dental coverage. Two months for vision. haha

  3. Just crazy, isn't it! I feel helpless to understand any logic in this debate.
    BTW Feel free to steal my Illinois sign and the whole stupid state too. I am sure you would do a much better job running it.

  4. First time visitor thru Rae's blog. I love it. Absolutely love your sense of humor. I'll be back. :)