Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michelle Obama on Leno: Startling revelations!

(another guy who can make me swear)

Hey! Rush Limbaugh! Did you see Michelle Obama on Leno last night?

RL: Yeah. So?

She said Barack beats her! Quite often!

RL: Really? I missed that part.

She was talking about playing tennis with him, and she said the most annoying thing about him is that he beats her quite often! There's a headline for ya!!

RL: Wow! You're right! That's a great story. There's only one problem: it's true. I can't report on stories that are true.

Oh, that's right. You prefer stories like the made-up, totally obviously false one you blubbered about yesterday. The one about Obama's college thesis supposedly criticizing the U.S. Constitution for not promoting the "distribution of wealth."

RL: Yeah. Now THERE's a good story!

Did you even visit the blog that first "reported" the story? I mean, the blogger tagged it "SATIRE" which generally means "NOT THE GOD'S HONEST TRUTH." Plus he included cheesy lines like this:

"In Los Angeles and New York, the poor reach to me with bleary eyes and all I can do is sigh."

Does that really sound like something Barack would say?

RL: Who the hell cares? Hey, have you heard that he beats his wife?!



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