Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A heart-warming day for the Senate Finance Committee

(thanks for your vote Olympia. now please go away.)

As you probably know, Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) voted with the democrats on the Senate Finance Committee to pass the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Health Care Reform Bill. As she announced her decision to do so, Max Baucus grinned from ear to ear and practically bounced up and down in his seat.

In fact, Baucus then led the committee in singing Happy Birthday to Sen Maria Cantwell (D-Wash). I kid you not. The video is below.

After the little sing-along, Max proposed a rousing session of Hokey-Pokey. This was voted down 22 to 1.

"Come on, Olympia!" he exclaimed. "You're my friend! Let's play!"

Snowe shot him a chilly glare. "Bug off, dwarf-breath," she snarled. "In fact, move over. I'm in charge of this committee now."

Baucus shrugged his shoulders affably, and skipped off to play with his insurance industry buddies.

Olympia is now hard at work designing a public option that is not really a public option but that might be triggered into becoming a public option if it's really needed in some vague futuristic world where the insurance companies fail to do what's best for the lowly consumers. Hard to imagine how THAT could come to pass.

But forget all that. Enjoy this video of your elected officials, hard at work:

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  1. Yes it is a crappy bill and Snowe will likely end up voting against health care reform bill anyway.
    But, at least it is finally out of the Senate Finance Committee.