Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your money or your life

(money ... life ... or none of the above.
take your choice.)

Believe it or not, in spite of my leftward leaning, my husband and I are Christians. We participate in an Adult Fellowship Class on Sundays - a combination of friendly social gathering/Bible study/breakfast before church.

One woman in our class recently found out that she has cancer. Coincidentally, she had purchased a Cancer Insurance Policy through her work, so all of her expenses are covered. All of them. She has, of course, been told over and over by class members how fortuitous it is that she purchased this policy. Which of course she already knew.

Let's think about that. What were we really telling her?

"Wow! Congratulations Betty Sue! You get to have cancer, and NOT go bankrupt at the same time! Lucky you!"


Shouldn't ANYONE who gets cancer have the right to focus on getting well, rather than worrying about going bankrupt? Isn't a health crisis enough of a crisis in itself, without piling a financial crisis on top of it? Can't we find SOME way to end this insane system of ours?




  1. AMEN! Do you find it upsetting that most of our fellow Christians are so negative on the whole health care reform thing? I get e-mails about how they 'earned' their health care, etc. Where's Jesus' compassion in them?

    My daughter is already fretting the bill from last night's ER visit, instead of just being grateful that Melody is alive! Sad system...

  2. I wish I had a magic health care reform wand. I would rap some heads in Congress with it and then I would poof them away forever and ever. I would then give you Nancy Pelosi's job. You could shake up a few things there.

    On another note. If you really want blog redecorating instructions I will be glad to help. Leave me a message on facebook so I will know where to put them. I can email them or send a private message via facebook. Let me know if you want backgrounds and/or header instructions.

  3. Lily: Totally agree. A lot of Christians really need to think through their stance on this.

    Rae: Thank you so much! I will take you up on that kind offer.

  4. I read an article on the Web a few days ago by a cancer survivor who is protesting the whole "pink" movement to raise money for breast cancer. Her point was that all the money goes to researching a cure instead of trying to understand the disease and providing support for those who are suffering from it.

    Health care could definitely use a dose of compassion.