Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh good grief

(big hair is always in style - at least on channel 8)

I almost never watch the local network news. But last night after Brothers & Sisters I was too tired to get up and change the channel.

Our local big-haired anchorwoman spent 15 seconds talking about health care reform thusly:

"President Obama's plan for government-controlled health care is still being debated in Congress, with a final version expected by Thanksgiving."

Good grief. No wonder people are so mis-informed. First of all, clueless Big-Hair Woman, "government-controlled health care" is not on the table. Never has been.

And second, President Obama has had very little to do with the plan that IS on the table, other than cutting some deals with various factions behind closed doors and hinting that he might be for a public option, unless he's against it, and a trigger would be fine too, or whatever, just send him a bill, he wants to sign something.


Fortunately, after that extremely informative 15 seconds was up, Big-Hair devoted 10 minutes to a story about a guy whose back yard is sliding into a creek. Then the weather guy spent 5 minutes telling us it was raining outside.

I'd give you a sports update, but I fell asleep.

I think tonight I'll watch Dancing With The Stars. Maybe I'll learn something useful.



  1. Hey, how about Harry Reid and the Senate saying today that there WILL BE A PUBLIC OPTION in the Senate Health Care Reform Bill?
    Great news, in spite of the "big hair" lady reporter on your local news.

    BTW Lesley, I thought "big hair" went out with the '90's... Ha! Ha!

  2. Oh, big hair is still BIG down here in Dallas! As well as big ... other things. LOL