Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How the Dems can win the war of words

(words? what words?)

By Jove, I've got it!

The right wing has been winning the war of words lately, and it drives me crazy. All they have to do is say ridiculous, inflammatory things (Socialist! Death Squads! Sarah Palin!) and they grab all the headlines.

President Obama's team responds with thoughtful, carefully worded statements that nobody listens to.

So here is my idea:
Nude presidential appearances.

Seriously! What would get more coverage? - a bunch of angry old people protesting health care reform, or Barack appearing au natural in the Rose Garden to reassure everyone that he simply wants to make sure Americans can stay healthy without going broke - ?

He could streak across the lawn of the White House, followed by Robert Gibbs (fully clothed, please) who would explain why the public option is/is not/might be/never was on the table at the moment.

He could play "strip press conference," taking off one article of clothing each time a reporter asked a question.

People would pay attention. After a while, they might even hear what he's saying.

At the very least, the country's mood would improve. Well, mine would anyway.

I think it's worth a try.



  1. Still, they wouldn't listen. Watch? Yes. Listen? No.

  2. Obama may have a nice body, but I've never wanted to see a president naked. That just doesn't jive with my perception of reality. However, don't lose hope: I do give ear to what Obama says. There are people listening out there--we just don't get any press.

  3. I think the wind was blowing way to hard the day you came up with this mess! I'm sick of looking at his face, I sure don't want to look at his body! Thank god, he took a vacation and we had a few days without seeing him every time we turned on the television. He's a showman. He's a snake oil salesman. He thinks he's a lot more desireable than we do. I just want him to get in the oval office, meet with congressional committees, THEN take his coat off, roll up his sleeves and DO THE JOB HE WAS ELECTED TO DO!! Oh, I forgot... he can't... he doesn't believe in the USA or the Constitution!! DUH!! MY bad!