Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Town Hell Meetings

(cue the outrage! bring out the mobs!)

I'd hate to be a Democratic Congress-person right now. They are all home for the August recess. They thought they might hold some town hall meetings to discuss health care reform. But those meetings are turning into noisy shouting matches.

Lots of very angry, very vocal people are showing up, with signs, t-shirts and plenty of attitude.

They're all over YouTube. And they're nearly all middle-aged, gray-haired, over-weight white people.

What's going on?

Are these people crazy fringe right-wingers, organized by lobbyist-run groups such as Americans For Prosperity or FreedomWorks?

Or are they ordinary Americans, simply exercising their right to free speech?

I have my suspicions. (Door number one! Door number one!) And I have a suggestion for the beleaguered Congressmen and women: Bring along some ordinary Americans who are suffering because of our current health care system. Ask them to share their stories with the crowd.

~ Let the angry mobs shout down a mother who is dying of cancer because her insurance company cancelled her policy.

~ Let them hurl insults at a family that has gone bankrupt because of medical expenses.

~ Let them vent their rage at a man who lost his job, lost his insurance, and lives in fear of an illness or accident.

Expose the misguided, misplaced and manipulated anger that is dividing our country and undermining a worthwhile effort at geniune reform. And put it all on YouTube. Every ugly minute of it.

Maybe we can shame some sense into them.



  1. Good suggestions. I hope one of the Democrats thinks of this. Maybe you should email the suggestion.

  2. Yes, these are staged rallies that are going on.
    I heard a good one on talk radio... these people are not "grass roots" activists, they are "astro-turf" activists. That's a good one.

    You are correct, though, they are basically just props (aka Joe the plumber)... whatever happened to him?
    I believe the American WANT health care reform and will not be fooled by this B.S.

  3. Rae, I actually did email it this morning, to Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and a Texas Democratic Congressman who had a raucus town hall meeting yesterday. I hope they'll listen!